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AI for Health: Magic LEMP wins the 2nd edition of the challenge organized by the Region Île-de-France with Institut Curie

Institut Curie
In 2020, the Region Île-de-France, in partnership with Institut Curie and the AP-HP, launched the second edition of the "AI for Health Challenge". Institut Curie’s long-standing partner Magic LEMP won the challenge with its "CaPrICoRN" project, which aims to use AI to better predict the response to treatment of patients with bronchopulmonary cancers.
AI for Health

As part of the IA2021 plan and the Smart Health strategy announced in October 2018 and September 2020, respectively, the Region Île-de-France launched in 2020 - in partnership with  Institut Curie and the AP-HP, with the support of Startup Inside, Medicen Paris Region and OVH - the AI for Health Challenge 2020, endowed with a grand prize of €1 million. The aim is to promote access to healthcare data for the development and validation of future healthcare innovations, to structure the future medicine sector in the Paris Region and to contribute to the emergence of future European champions in AI.

The challenge was aimed at French and European startups and SMEs, and was defined and developed in partnership with Institut Curie and the AP-HP, which made their clinical data available to the candidates. Candidate companies also had access to a computing and data analysis platform provided by OVH.

Institut Curie and the AP-HP launched two parallel challenges: the identification of diagnostic, prognostic and predictive factors using AI tools in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (AP-HP) and the development of algorithms to assist in therapeutic decision-making in lung cancer (Institut Curie).

Magic LEMP's "CaPrICoRN" project wins Institut Curie’s challenge

The challenge launched by Institut Curie aimed to develop and validate an algorithm to classify patients with bronchopulmonary cancer, the leading cause of cancer mortality in France, based on multi-modal data (clinical, radiological, anatomopathological and genetic) to guide therapeutic decisions.

On November 17th, 2021 at Station F, Magic Lemp, a company specializing in the development of new machine learning and AI approaches to solve complex problems in many fields, was named winner of the challenge with its "CaPrICoRN" (Calibration of Neuron Network Constructed Immunotherapy Protocols) project. The project was also awarded the IA4Curie Challenge prize in 2020 and is the result of a close collaboration with Prof. Nicolas Girard, lung oncologist at Institut Curie and head of Institut du thorax Curie-Montsouris.

The project will support doctors in making a personalized decision based on patient data, as Prof. Nicolas Girard explains:

As medical oncologists, we are required every day to make complex decisions by integrating all the patient's data. The "CaPrICoRN" project will allow us to formalize these elements, with one objective: to improve the care of our patients.

At Magic LEMP, our scientific and technical commitment is at the service of health and research issues. We are pleased to continue this collaboration with Institut Curie, through the CaPrICoRN project, in order to concretize the development of our cutting-edge solution, for the benefit of patients.

adds Raphaël-David Lasseri PhD, president and founder of Magic LEMP.

The €500k grant will allow the company to finance its future R&D work and the collection of the necessary data in collaboration with researchers and doctors at Institut Curie.

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