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Philippe Véron, new President of the Association of Carnot Institutes

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Philippe Véron, Director of the ARTS Carnot Institute, was unanimously elected President of the Association of Carnot Institutes (AiCarnot) by the Board of Directors on November 10th. He has been Vice-President of the AiCarnot since June 2017.
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Since 2015, Philippe Véron has been heading the Carnot ARTS Institute, which brings together 20 research laboratories from ENSAM and its university partners. He contributed to the refoundation and internal organization of the institute as well as to the amplification of industrial transfers, particularly to SMEs.







Philippe Véron explains:

"The Carnot institutes network is a formidable research tool serving business innovation and a key driver of the development of direct relations between companies and public research. My action as President will be to give priority to supporting Carnot to strengthen their partnership research with companies in France and internationally, and to promote the recognition and reputation of Carnot to match our results."

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