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Creation of the Global Care consortium by the Carnot institutes

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Five Carnot institutes, international leaders in human health R&D, form the GLOBAL CARE consortium, "The Global Partnering Research Initiative of the Carnot Human Health Institutes" with the aim of increasing their research partnership overseas with industry and international technological research organizations.
global care
global care

Constituted of the Carnot instiitutes PASTEUR MI (Infectious Diseases) - coordinator of the consortium, VOIR ET ENTENDRE (pathologies and disabilities of vision and hearing), ICM (pathologies degenerative and traumatic disorders of the central nervous system and related disability), CURIE CANCER (cancer) and CALYM (lymphoma), GLOBAL CARE covers 4 therapeutic areas in the field of health: oncology, neurology, infectious diseases and ophthalmology.

Based on a strong reputation of each of its institutes, particularly among companies pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, GLOBAL CARE aims to strengthen its positioning in three of the largest segments of the healthcare industry market: biopharmacy, diagnosis and imaging.

Selected in the framework of the specific "Carnot" international action of the Programme d'Investissements d'Avenir, the Carnot GLOBAL CARE consortium was invested by the French State non-expendable amount of € 85 millions, whose interest, estimated at approximately € 14 millions over five years, will finance pooled actions aimed at:

  • increasing its partnership research activities abroad with companies and / or international technological research organizations, on short and long terms;
  • optimizing its technological offer by proposing to its foreign partners standards research and development to the most demanding regulatory requirements;
  • promoting French scientific expertise in human health and contribute to the growth in France by strengthening its position in its target markets in the international level;
  • strengthening the scientific resourcing capacities of the institutes and attract researchers providing additional expertise;
  • generating additional income for its guardianship through the valorisation of the works and innovations arising from its R&D programs.

Through the GOBAL CARE consortium, Carnot institutes scientific, medical and research partnerships come together to reach a mass to undertake joint actions of business development and R & D in the international, a first for France. The Carnot model thus aims at a proof of concept beyond of our borders, having already demonstrated its efficiency in the hexagon, the last 50% of the R & D funded by companies with 15% of its workforce, a growth between 2010 and 2011 of 17% of the amount of R & D contracts with companies, 17,000 publications of rank A per year.

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