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Health innovation: data challenges

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The CVT Aviesan - Consortium of Thematic Development of the National Alliance for Life Sciences and Health, in connection with the representatives of the technology transfer offices of its members and partners, piloted three national and international benchmarks around the challenges linked to health data that was presented on Monday, January 27th.
Aviesan data

This restitution day made it possible to discover the results of the studies and also to exchange with the experts involved during the round tables on the three themes addressed:

  • Regulatory validation processes for medical devices using artificial intelligence methods

These included understanding the methods for assessing the safety and efficacy of medical devices that incorporate artificial intelligence and giving keys to anticipate possible regulatory developments

  • New practices for collecting, processing and using data acquired in real life

The recommendations of the experts aim to make the citizen actor of the sharing of his data, to set up the principles building confidence such as the labeling of the methods of collection, and to participate in the optimization and the structuring of the collection projects

  • Valuation models for health data

The valuation centered on the intrinsic value of the data will have to progressively pass to the valuation of the partnership and associated services. This will extract part of the value generated by the project.

Timothé CYNOBER, Business Manager Data Science was one of the experts of this last round table.

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