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Institut Curie & ACIP Santé sign a partnership to stimulate exchanges between oncology innovation players

Institut Curie
On June 14, 2022, Institut Curie, France's leading cancer research center, and ACIP Santé, the association of healthcare industry executives, announced the signing of a partnership aimed at stimulating exchanges between players in oncology innovation. The goal is to facilitate dialogue between players in the healthcare sector on issues and challenges in the fight against cancer.
Institut Curie x ACIP Santé

Institut Curie, France's leading cancer treatment center, has a major role to play in ensuring that the transformation of our hospitals and the challenges that this entails for society are placed at the heart of the debate. Our collaboration with ACIP Santé is a great opportunity to fulfill this mission.

said Prof. Steven Le Gouill, director of Institut Curie Hospital Complex.

It is the research conducted today in our laboratories that will make it possible to treat the cancers of tomorrow! Enabling as many people as possible to understand the advances made is one of our missions at the Research Center. Collaborating with ACIP Santé will provide us with additional resources to move the debate forward on these major issues.

adds Prof. Alain Puisieux, director of Institut Curie Research Center.

Signature Institut Curie x ACIP Santé
Pr Alain Puisieux, Agnès Devois and Pr Steven Le Gouill.

On June 14, 2022, Institut Curie and ACIP Santé, an association of healthcare industry executives, announced the signing of a partnership to accelerate innovation in oncology. Founded in 1956, ACIP Santé is driven by one ambition: to bring together players committed to innovation and performance in the healthcare system. The association accomplishes this mission by developing all the means likely to meet this objective: multiplying opportunities for expression and facilitating communication between all health professionals. Institut Curie is strongly committed to bringing new therapeutic solutions to patients and improving their quality of life, as explains Dr. Amaury Martin, deputy director of Institut Curie's Head Office and director of Carnot Curie Cancer:

Oncology plays a major role in research and in the healthcare system, but it is also the world's largest market for the pharmaceutical industry. This necessarily raises issues of integration of innovations into care, their access to the greatest number and their acceptability. Meeting these challenges requires ongoing dialogue between researchers, caregivers, industry professionals and public decision-makers. This partnership meets this objective.

The aim of this collaboration is to establish a long-term relationship to facilitate the initiation of occasional meetings (conferences, round tables, etc.) between all the stakeholders in the healthcare world and to encourage exchanges around cross-cutting themes that are at the heart of current events, in favor of innovation.

Institut Curie embodies excellence in oncology, a field in which there is still a great deal of unmet need and where innovation is key to bringing new therapeutic solutions to patients. The members of our Board of Directors, our Executive Committee and our Junior Committee, as well as our 10,000 members and followers, represent all facets of healthcare, from the researcher to the patient, in a resolutely "One Health" ecosystem. We are convinced that one of France's greatest challenges is to achieve a constructive dialogue between healthcare stakeholders. This partnership is a great opportunity to achieve this goal together, and building it with Institut Curie is an honor.

concludes Agnès Devois, president of ACIP Santé.

The first round table, held on June 14 at Institut Curie, brought together nearly 150 people to discuss a central theme in oncology: genetic diagnostics. State of the art, significant developments in recent years, current issues and problems for patients and healthcare systems, France's position vs. international and perspectives: three exceptional guests, including Prof. Dominique Stoppa-Lyonnet, head of Institut Curie’s Genetics Department, Prof. Franck Chauvin, president of the French High Council for Public Health and Caroline Thureau, marketing director of Illumina, shared their expertise and visions on the subject.

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