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Institut Curie and Home Biosciences announce creation of One Biosciences

Institut Curie
Institut Curie and Home Biosciences announce the creation of One Biosciences, a pioneering start-up leveraging the power of single-cell technologies. Its objective? Design precision therapies for difficult-to-treat diseases.
One Biosciences

On July 22nd 2020, Institut Curie and Home Biosciences, Europe’s first venture builder dedicated to biotech, announced the creation of One Biosciences. The start-up is the result of the work of its co-founder Céline Vallot, head of the Dynamics of Epigenetic Alterations in Cancer Team at Institut Curie. One Biosciences leverages the power of single-cell1 technologies for innovative precision medicine.

One Biosciences, innovation for complex diseases

Latest start-up created by Institut Curie, One Biosciences aims to become a leader in precision medicine for difficult-to-treat diseases by focusing on understanding the causes of selected diseases by grasping the heterogeneity of complex biological systems, revealing rare cell populations, and enabling the cellular mapping of such diseases. To do so, the start-up will have access to Institut Curie's technological, computational, clinical and biological know-how, especially to its leading single-cell and sequencing platforms.

  • Its objective? Discovering transcriptomic biomarkers and new actionable targets.
  • At the heart of the project? The exploitation of single-cell analysis technologies and related computational know-how.

Promising, single-cell analyses open up a new field of therapeutic possibilities, as explained by Céline Vallot:

Single-cell approaches are a paradigm shift, enabling unprecedented granularity to understand the living at a new scale. We can now tackle problems that were previously untraceable and dare to explore novel therapeutic solutions for difficult-to-treat conditions.

An innovative start-up at the heart of a unique partnership

One Biosciences is co-founded and managed by Home Biosciences team, Europe’s first biotech venture builder. Headed by David Schilansky and Magali Richard, this new venture builder aims to identify and advance transformative technologies and medicines for patients who have poor or no therapeutic options. Institut Curie and Home Biosciences have joined forces with the common goal of developing innovative therapeutic solutions for complex diseases, as rejoiced by Amaury Martin, Director of Technology Transfer and Industrial Partnerships at Institut Curie and Director of Carnot Curie Cancer:

One Biosciences is a flagship company of Institut Curie, showing its ambition to support the emergence of innovative companies. It is the first venture at the crossroads of data science and single-cell analysis, which are fields of excellence of Institut Curie. We are also delighted with the strong partnership with Home Biosciences.

The start-up was granted a worldwide license on key technologies and know-how from Institut Curie, CNRS and Sorbonne Université, in addition to an exclusive license on dedicated single-cell computational softwares, in order to generate unique insights with cutting edge single-cell approaches.

Full of ambition, One Biosciences plans to grow its team and strike research collaborations with clinical centers of excellence to build its pipeline of potential targets, in the field of oncology and beyond.



  1These technologies enable the analysis of single cells using microfluidic approaches, opening up new perspectives for both fundamental research and medical applications.