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LifeTime call on European leaders: Make EU health research count!

Institut Curie
Biomedical research is at a turning point. Multidisciplinary approaches combining technologies across fields have the potential to revolutionize healthcare. As a source of both discovery and application, they will create an engine for economy and social growth. To coordinate such approaches and drive this revolution, European science needs long-term large-scale research initiatives. They will integrate efforts within the public and private sector and offer sustainable, transformative solutions. Such programs can only be built on the basis of a substantial budget under Horizon Europe. This budget – which is under threat – is urgently needed in its full amount. Only if the EU members commit to a strong Horizon Europe, will we be able to advance EU health research and position it at the forefront of international developments. Given that healthcare is one fo the cornerstones for security, freedom, growth and development, we call for significant, coordinated and balanced European investment programs to release Horizon Europe’s full potential.

On 31 October 2019, representatives from 40 companies across different sectors (multi-omics, single cell analysis, imaging, IT/data science, pharma/biotech and diagnostics) met with leaders in the core technologies of the LifeTime initiative in Basel. The event co-organized with the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) was attended by 80 participants who now call EU members into action to ask for European investment programs covering the complete cycle of innovation from discovery
to implementation:
• supporting basic biomedical research
• strengthening existing/developing new collaboration platforms between academia & industry
• fostering clinical uptake of science-driven medical applications.
LifeTime invites all additional interested parties to endorse 10 recommendations to make EU health research count by signing on the LifeTime webpage.