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Mission & role

Institut Curie
Institut Curie Technology Transfer and Industrial Partnership Office’s mission is to ensure that Institut Curie and partners' inventions receive the greatest chance of actually reaching patients. It is the quickest gateway to the state-of-the-art innovations happening in the institute.
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Institut Curie TTO is a service department of Institut Curie that facilitates the protection and further development of technologies.

Institut Curie Research Center laboratories house researchers affiliated with various employers including CNRS, INSERM, Pierre & Marie Curie University, Paris-Descartes University, Paris-Sud University and Mines ParisTech. Institut Curie also directly employs researchers technicians, and administrative staff to work in these labs.

Institut Curie Hospital Group is a founding member of the UNICANCER Group that brings together French Comprehensive Cancer Centers.

Institut Curie TTO is the body authorized to representat Institut Curie researchers and clinicians in all IP matters regardless their employer.


The quickest gateway to the state-of-the-art innovations happening in the institute



Institut Curie engages in technology transfer:

  • To promote the application of the results of scientific and clinical research;
  • To assist researchers and clinicians interested in developing their technologies further;
  • To provide opportunities for exchanges of information and materials with industry;
  • To promote economic development;
  • To generate an income stream for reinvestment into research and teaching.


Institut Curie TTO is responsible for:

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