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Institut Curie
Institut Curie supports the formation of start-up companies as a way of commercializing its innovations and bringing groundbreaking technologies to the market. Institut Curie's technology portfolio has already generated >10 companies and new promising companies are continuously established.
Activités de l'Unité de Génétique et biologie du développement.

Institut Curie's TTO is engaged in the creation of new company based on Institut Curie’s research when there is Curie's intellectual property owned (at least partly). Focus is made on the early stages of new companies’ development, including securing initial funding through our strong ties with major seed investment professionals. The support provided includes:

  • A personalized accompaniment
  • Special conditions on R&D collaborations with Institut Curie
  • Privileged access to Institut Curie’s facilities,
  • Administrative support…and much more to come !

Institut Curie has contributed to 18 start-ups created to date. Among them, Institut Curie holds shares in 6 (dosisoft, propulse, meiogenix, cytoo, onxeo).Their activity includes developing radiotherapy software, proton therapy devices, microfluidics devices and cell culture devices, delivering services using Institut Curie's bank of xenotransplants, directed meiotic recombination, and developing several new therapies, including new classes of drugs against HIV, a new class of vascular disrupting agents, a new class of anticancer vaccines, and drugs that inhibit DNA repair.

    Meiogenix logo
    xentech web
    A Patient-Derived Tumor Xenograft platform offering preclinical cancer models and services for translational drug development
    ABIVAX web
    Technology platforms for drug discovery: anti-viral platform, immune enhancement platform, polyclonal antibody platform.
    Developing anti-cancer molecules for personalized treatment, notably of ovary and triple negative breast cancers
    fluigent logo web
    Developing microfluidic solutions to make microfluidics easy
    nanomedsyn logo web
    Developing new targeted therapeutics to treat Lysosomal Storage Disorders
    PEP thearpy logo web
    Developing new, safe and efficient intracellular targeted therapies for personalized medicine of severe diseases, among which some cancers
    Designing and producing the most adequate micropatterns for various cell types (primary cells, stem cells, immortalized cell lines) and applications. Developing novel visual read-outs and assays based on these innovative cellular models
    microbrain biotech logo web
    Developing and designing microfluidic devices and Nerve-on-Chip (reconstructed neuron networks at the micron scale). New approaches for evaluation and screening of molecules (compartmentalized pharmacology, functional networks)
    logo onxeo large
    DNA Thearpeutics was acquired in 2016 by ONXEO. First-in-class, signal-interfering DNA molecule based on one of the most promising new approaches in cancer treatment
    Ecrins therapeutics logo web
    Developing first-in-class small molecule drug candidate against several oncology indications in humans and domestic animals
    Dosisoft logo web
    Designing, developing and selling cutting-edge software solutions specialized in radiotherapy and molecular imaging
    Bringing innovative therapies to cancer patients and healthcare professionals. Cellipse has built a pipeline of small molecules targeting the cytoskeleton (i.e. microtubules and actin filaments)
    Stimunity logo web
    New and innovative biopharmaceuticals to treat patients who do not respond to conventional immunotherapy
    Inorevia logo web
    Innovative bioassays: next step in laboratory automation miniaturization through microfluidics.
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    Did you know?
    Kurma Biofund Together with Institut Pasteur, Institut Curie has helped to establish a 50 M€ venture capital fund, whose role is to invest in very early stage projects which are still at the proof of concept stage. Quadrivium venture Institut Curie is also founder of this 30M€ fund dedicated to support early stage start-up projects (manage by Seventure)/ Paris BiotechSanté Institut Curie is member of the PBS incubator Selection Committee