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Success Stories

Institut Curie supports the formation of start-up companies as a way of commercializing its innovations and bringing groundbreaking technologies to the market. Our expertise enables us to guide you - researchers, young graduates and healthcare personnel - through each stage of the creation of your own company.

You would like to take part in this adventure? Here's a selection of a few success stories!

Biotechnology, precision medicine, radiotherapy, instrumentation... The fields of activity of start-ups that have emerged from Institut Curie are as varied as their applications and technologies.

Here is a selection of start-ups that have benefited from Institut Curie's incubation program.



Founded in January 2019, Mnemo Therapeutics is a biotech company dedicated to next-generation cell therapies whose original technology aims to identify new antigenic cancer targets to create immuno-oncology treatments. The start-up was born from the laboratory of Sebastian Amigorena, CNRS research director and head of the Immune Responses To Cancer Team (Institut Curie, Inserm) in collaboration with several research teams at Institut Curie. The project then gained in ambition with the work of the laboratory of Dr. Michel Sadelain, head of the Cellular Engineering Center at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and co-founder of the company. Mnemo Therapeutics lately announced that it has raised €75 million in Series A funding, a huge success that brings the company one step closer to innovative therapeutic solutions.

Sebastian Amigorena

Sebastian Amigorena, PhD, co-founder of Mnemo Therapeutics & head of Immune Responses To Cancer Team (Institut Curie, Inserm)



Incubated at Institut Curie, One Biosciences was founded in 2020, based on the work of its co-founder Céline Vallot, head of the Dynamics of Epigenetic Alterations in Cancer Team at Institut Curie. The start-up is specialized in leveraging the power of single-cell analysis to unlock a new wave of targets and precision medicines for a broad range of difficult-to-treat conditions. Full of ambition, One Biosciences plans to grow its team and strike research collaborations with clinical centers of excellence to build its pipeline of potential targets, in the field of oncology and beyond.

Céline Vallot


Céline Vallot, PhD, co-founder of One Biosciences & head of Institut Curie's Dynamics of Epigenetic Alterations in Cancer Team




Founded in 2018 by Institut Curie, Honing Biosciences is a bio-therapeutics company that develops and improves cell-based therapies, in particular for cancer and other chronic diseases. The start-up results from from the work of Institut Curie's Cell Biology and Cancer Team led by Franck Perez. Honing Biosciences was the first company in which Institut Curie had invested since the implementation of its new technology transfer policy in 2017, and the creation of a dedicated division to support the creation of start-ups resulting from the work of its teams. In 2020, the company announced a €2 million fund raising, obtained from the PSL Innovation Fund (Elaia), a private investor and BPI France.

Franck Perez


Franck Perez, PhD, co-founder of Honing Biosciences & head of Institut Curie's Cell Biology and Cancer Team


" Already recognized for the excellence of its cancer research and care, Institut Curie is now identified as a leading European center capable of transforming innovation into entrepreneurial success. "

Amaury Martin, PhD, head of Institut Curie's Technology Transfer Office & Carnot Curie Cancer.