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Institut Curie
Interested in sponsoring a research project, forging a long-term strategic alliance, or accessing laboratory materials, we’ll help you launch a successful and rewarding collaboration with scientists and clinicians who are leaders in their fields.  
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Our values

  • Focusing on Outcomes: Develop mutually beneficial collaborations and align actions with business outcomes.
  • Sharing Values: Conduct partnership processes through professional practices, actions, and respect for obligations.
  • Creating Transparency: Keep partners informed of processes, decisions, and the status of actions as agreements are developed.
  • Ensuring Confidentiality: Maintain deep respect for proprietary business information and data.

From therapeutic target to clinical validation

Institut Curie conducts cancer research projects from preclinical to clinical studies in order to:

  • Understand the mechanisms of cancer development
  • Facilitate the transition from basic research to clinical application
  • Develop innovative therapeutic and diagnostic techniques

Research center

Researchers are organized in 12 joint research units grouped into 5 domains:

  • Biology, Cancer, Genetics and Epigenetics
  • Biology & Chemistry of Radiations, Cell Signaling and Cancer
  • Integrative Tumour Biology, Immunology and Environment
  • Multiscale Physics-Biology-Chemistry and cancer
  • Translational research

They carry out scientific projects with high medical and innovative potential that will lead to significant improvements in patient's health and quality of life. Each year, innovative translational projects are carried out in immunotherapy, epigenetics, bioinformatics, prontotherapy, …

Learn more: Institut Curie Research center website

Translational research department

Since 2003, Institut Curie has structured a Department of Translational Research intended to promote and facilitate translational research at the Institute. This department provides clinicians and researchers with human and technological resources enabling the development of application-oriented projects, with the objective of improving care for cancer patients (assessment and validation of diagnostic, prognostic and patient support tools, as well as development of biomedical devices or therapeutic approaches resulting from basic research).

A diverse range of projects is carried out with the help of the department: internal projects involving clinicians and researchers from the Institute, but also collaborative projects with other academic institutions or pharmaceutical/biotech companies. Some projects may also aim at providing expertise to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries or at creating “Proof of concept” for licensing and/or start-up creation.

Learn more: Institut Curie Translational Research Department website

Hospital Group

Institut Curie is a leader in breast cancer treatment. We are currently participating in more than 20 clinical trials involving breast cancer. The paths of particular interest at present include:

  • Precision medicine (characteristic biomarkers of the tumor)
  • Targeted therapies (to block tumor cells more specifically)
  • The development of new diagnostic methods (Imaging techniques are being perfected)
  • The detection of circulating tumor cells (for better monitoring of the disease’s evolution in its metastatic phase)

Learn more: Institut Curie Hospital Group website