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Collaboration in pediatrics with HOFFMAN LA ROCHE group

Sandy Azzi-Hatem
Dr. Franck Bourdeaut, pediatrician at Institut Curie, was invited by the pharmaceutical company Roche to the symposium of the neuro-oncology society in New York on June 15th and 16th to present his work on the response to an immunotherapy agent in Patients with rhabdoid tumors, very aggressive and lethal tumors of childhood.
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This work is part of the iMATRIX study, launched and supported by HOFFMAN LA ROCHE group, and Dr. Franck Bourdeaut is one of its investigators. 85 patients were enrolled and monitored. Dr. Bourdeaut presented the case of a four-year-old child who, after several cycles of conventional treatments, showed signs of progression of the disease. This patient experienced an improvement in his clinical condition three weeks after the first treatment with Atezolizumab*. Significant regression of the tumor was observed with decreased use of painkillers. The child was even able to go back to school.

In summary, the work of Dr Bourdeaut and his colleagues shows that this immunotherapeutic agent seems promising with encouraging clinical results observed in young people with recurrent or refractory cancer.

The collaboration with the Roche group continues with an opening of a clinical trial dedicated to children with rhabdoid tumor. In addition, Dr. Bourdeaut and his team are actively working on understanding the role and place of immunotherapy in the treatment of rhabdoid tumors.

*Atezolizumab: Immunotherapy agent