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Cancer Immunotherapy

Institut Curie
Institut Curie has a strong history of commitment to immunology and immuno-oncology creating excellent interfaces for collaboration and interdisciplinary program development.
Centre d’immunothérapie

MC21 project

With the ambitious project MC21 (Marie Curie 21th century) for 2015-2020, Immunotherapy is a priority for Institut Curie. The recent creation of a Center for Cancer Immunotherapy with an international stature will contribute to improve the treatments for patients. More than 100 researchers will be effected to this center.

One part of the unit is situated on the actual hospital premises, facilitating interactions between researchers and doctors, as well as the direct study of patient biopsies. Our main strength is our ability to move from fundamental immunology, aimed at better understanding the immune response to tumors, to preclinical and clinical immunology.

At Institut Curie, no fewer than 10 immunotherapy clinical trials are currently in progress, including a completely new trial with an immunomodulator, pembrolizumab, for patients with triple-negative breast cancer.

ASCO 2016

In 2016, specialists from Institut Curie presented their extremely promising results at ASCO, focused on immunotherapy and precision medicine.

  • Uveal melanoma: our researchers assessed the effectiveness of anti-PD-1 in 21 patients suffering from metastatic uveal melanoma.
  • Cortical adenoma: an early trial carried out with anti-PD-L1 avelumab in 37 patients suffering from metastatic malignant cortical adenoma showed effectiveness in certain patients with good tolerance
  • Anticipate the response thanks to circulating tumour DNA:  with Patients treated by anti-PD-1 immunotherapy (nivolumab, pembrolizumab), for lung cancers, uveal melanomas and colorectal cancer at Institut Curie, clinical oncologists suggest that ctDNA is a promising biomarker for monitoring these new treatments

The mission of the Center is to discover new drug treatments and diagnostic tools to improve the health care of Institut Curie patients.