Technology Transfer Office

Cancer Biology, Genetics & Epigenetics

Institut Curie
Institut Curie teams are investigating the link between oncogenesis, stemness and cell differentiation with the goal of establishing similarities and differences between the biology of tumour cells and their corresponding normal cells.
Décisions épigénétiques et reproduction chez les mammifères

Focusing on questions that are pertinent to the processes of cell division, morphogenesis, stem cell function and germ line development, Institut Curie teams want to understand mechanisms of genome stability, gene expression and epigenetic changes, that are also relevant to cancer.

To explore these questions one different scales, our teams use a wide range of technologies including stem cell biology, advanced biochemistry, super-resolution microscopy, genetic engineering, and bioinformatics in close communication with the technological platforms of Institut Curie.

In the field of biomedical research, they are particularly involved in our scientists development of biomarkers for cancer, for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.