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Institut Curie's Technology Transfer Office was founded in 2003. It now has over 10 years of experience in the valorization and commercialization of Institut Curie's innovations.
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  • 2002: Commercialization agreement signed with BTG International for medical device
  • 2003: Exclusive license with Oncodesign for prostate cancer PDX
  • 2005: Exclusive license with Asylum on Atomic Force Microscopy
  • 2008: Exclusive license with DNA therapeutics (acquired by ONXEO) for Dbait small molecule
  • 2014: Exclusive license with Abbott on Bladder cancer biomarker

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The mission of Institut Curie's Technology Transfer Office is to ensure that Institut Curie and partners' inventions…

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Institut Curie's Technology Transfer Office is a team of 18 people dedicated to the detection, development, protection…

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Institut Curie TTO is the body authorized to represent Institut Curie researchers and clinicians in all IP matters…

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In order to carry out its missions, Institut Curie's Technology Transfer Office has set up a multi-level structure of…