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Institut Curie TTO is the body authorized to represent Institut Curie researchers and clinicians in all IP matters regardless of their employers. It is the quickest gateway to the state-of-the-art innovations happening in the institute.
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Institut Curie laboratories are joint-employer laboratories between CNRS and/or INSERM and/or Pierre & Marie Curie University (a founding member of Sorbonne University) and/or Paris-Descartes University  and/or Versailles Saint Quentin University and/or Paris-Sud University, which are both founding members of Paris Saclay University, and/or Mines ParisTech or INRIA.

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Institut Curie is a founding member of Paris Sciences et Lettres - PSL Research University. PSL brings together some of France's most prestigious and internationally respected academic and research institutions in a broad range of disciplines.



Institut Curie is a founding member of Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Institute – IPGG – which gathers experts in microfluidics from various disciplines and develop both fundamental and applied research.


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Institut Curie is a founding member of the UNICANCER Group that brings together French Comprehensive Cancer Centers, promotes their cancer research organisation and pools resources and competencies to give a new dynamic to patient care.


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Institut Curie is a board member of the SATT Lutech. SATT Lutech is a private technology transfer company designed to facilitate the transfer of early stage innovations from the lab to successful products and services with a real potential to improve life quality, transform industries, and create tremendous social & economic value. A success made possible by investing in the development of convincing proof of concept and of prototypes.

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Institut Curie is a board member of the Institut Carnot network. To create a true and integrated network dynamic and take full advantage of their joint commitment in favour of partnership research and innovation, the Carnot institutes are members (through their home institution) of a uniting structure.


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Institut Curie is a board member of the Cancéropôle Ile-de-France, a public interest group whose primary mission is to pool cancer research in the Paris region. Cancéropôle IdF manages a network of institutions specializing in Cancer research and care in the Paris region, allowing innovative projects to be developed. 





Institut Curie has framework agreements with key partners designed to create a dynamic network of collaboration:

In 2016, Institut Curie and Institut Pasteur signed an ambitious scientific partnership agreement to strengthen scientific collaboration between the two institutes, pool their resources and intensify their training activities.





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