Technology Transfer Office

Tangible materials

Institut Curie has an extensive collection of tangible research materials, including reagents, antibodies, cell lines, and mouse models, which are available for licensing on a non-exclusive basis for research and commercial purposes.
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Biological material

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Patient derived xenograft models

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Chemical Library

The Institute Curie/CNRS Chemical Library was created from the chemical molecules synthesized by the chemists of the Institute Curie of Paris (UMR3666 / U1143) and Orsay (UMR9187 / U1196). This academic chemical library, one of the most important in France, contains almost 10000 substances. Such a set of chemicals is constituted not only of the final products, but also of synthetic intermediates obtained during the programs of optimization against various therapeutic targets.
Since its creation, 65 years ago, the main motivation of the Institut Curie 's chemistry laboratory has been the discovery of molecules for cancer treatment. A direct consequence of this activity is the existence (often in significant quantities) of samples of several thousands of synthesized compounds. Moreover, advances in proteomics and genomics have led to the discovery of an increasing number of new protein targets with therapeutic potential.