Technology Transfer Office

Core Facilities For Oncology R&D

For your scientific and clinical projects, Institut Curie brings together 26 key technological core facilities and provides its highly experienced managers with access to our last developed technologies and most advanced equipment. Open to all challenges, we will provide you with full support, from our legal department to our business development managers, who are scientific experts committed to the success of every partnership.

A forefront technological offer for your projects: from therapeutical target to clinical validation

The expertise of Institut Curie's platforms spans the full range of biological complexity, from small molecules to whole organisms, and contributes to the advancement of industrial projects through to clinical studies. Our core facilities are located in our research center and hospital group, and are used daily, allowing them to remain responsive to rapidly evolving scientific advances.

From advice and technical guidance to the complete analysis of your results, a collaboration with Institut Curie platforms will allow the follow-up of your project and will open new opportunities for your company.



Discover the areas of expertise of our core facilities:

Small molecules
Small molecules identification & optimization
Start your project at early stage with Institut Curie core facilities dedicated...
Genome analyses
Genome analyses
Institut Curie is a reference in genome analyses and genome editing technology. To this end, cross-disciplinary...
Proteome Analyses
Proteome analyses
From cancer diagnosis to the development of immunotherapy, Institut Curie provides a large range of equipment and...
Cell & Tissue Analyses
Cells & tissues analyses
The cellular characterization of every tumor is essential to understand oncological mechanisms...
In Vivo Models
Evaluation of anti-tumoral effect of new therapy or new combination of treatment is the last step of your preclinical...
Clinical studies
Clinical studies support
Clinical development has always been a major activity for Institut Curie. To support this end, Institut Curie relies...
Discover our core facilities