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Epigene Labs & Institut Curie announce partnership to improve ovarian cancer treatment

Institut Curie
Epigene Labs and Institut Curie announce a partnership dedicated to the discovery of biomarkers and therapeutic targets in ovarian cancer. This promising collaboration will draw on Institut Curie's oncological expertise combined with Epigene Labs' innovative data-driven technology.
Epigene Labs + IC

A new partnership research collaboration has been set up between Institut Curie and the precision oncology biotechnology company Epigene Labs. At the heart of the project : the discovery of biomarkers and therapeutic targets for the improvement of ovarian cancer treatments. Institut Curie's oncology expertise will be based on Epigene Labs' cutting-edge technology : the steering of R&D programs thanks to rich and varied molecular data.


Epigene Labs : data at the service of cancer

While advances in precision oncology have not been negligible over the past couple of decades, the aggregation, analysis and visualization of massive amounts of genomic data remain a major challenge. This is where Epigene Labs comes in, a young biotech company that has successfully tackled these ambitious challenges. Their know-how ? The creation of a technological platform to leverage enhanced artificial intelligence to transform genomic data into precise and easily usable information for the development of cancer treatments.


An ambitious collaboration for precision oncology

Combining their respective strengths, the two partners aim to discover new biomarkers and therapeutic targets to move ahead into fight against ovarian cancer. Within this framework, high-throughput molecular sequencing data will be shared and several translational studies will be conducted.

This partnership is a further step towards precision oncology, an innovative path already well taken by Institut Curie. This approach, which has become essential in oncology, makes it possible to select the most appropriate treatment for each patient based on their genome. Genomic data from Epigene Labs will thus benefit Institut Curie's clinicians and researchers in order to considerably advance the development of these innovations, which are essential for patients, as explained by Amaury Martin, Director of Valorization and Industrial Partnerships at Institut Curie and Director of the Carnot Curie Cancer Carnot:

This agreement illustrates Institut Curie's approach to partnership-based research, combining the expertise of clinicians and researchers with the know-how of a company. Epigene Labs' data management skills and agility will help accelerate innovations for patients suffering from one of the most common and deadly cancers. The financial support of the "CHICHE!" programme provided by the Carnot FINDMED network was important in the conclusion of this agreement.

The alliance is perfectly aligned with Epigene Labs' objectives to simplify and enrich preclinical and translational programs set up by the players in the fight against cancer, as rejoiced by Akpéli Nordor, co-founder and CEO of Epigene Labs :

We are pleased to work with Institut Curie, one of the leading cancer centers in Europe and worldwide. This partnership supports the potential of our approach to molecular data-driven drug discovery in oncology. We believe that our ability to build and analyze rich and diverse molecular datasets will accelerate drug discovery for women with ovarian cancer.


Ovarian cancer is the 7th most common cancer and the 8th most deadly disease among women worldwide. By 2035, a 55% increase in incidence and a 67% increase in deaths is predicted, bringing the number of women affected and the number of deaths to 371,000 and 254,000 respectively.