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Institut Curie announces creation of Honing Biosciences

Institut Curie announces the launch of biotechnology company Honing Biosciences, a technology platform that develops solutions to optimize the efficiency and safety of cell therapies in cancer and chronic diseases.

Inventing the next generation cellular therapies

Cell-based therapy modify and use the cells to restore the function of a tissue or organ or to cure a disease. The goal is to provide long-term care for cancer patients through a single injection of therapeutic cells.

Honing Biosciences relies on proprietary technologies that enable precise control of cellular functions, providing a unique answer to current limitations.

CellTune ™ molecular technology allows the development of a new class of cell therapies by controlling the dynamic distribution of proteins in “cell-medicaments”. We can regulate the expression of proteins on the cell surface or the secretion of enzymes, cytokines and antibodies, to adapt the delivery of therapeutic proteins to patient clinical evolutions

says Franck Perez, co-founder of Honing Biosciences and CNRS Research Director at Institut Curie.

Honing Biosciences technology will initially be used on cancer immunotherapy and more specifically on CAR-T cells. The goal? Use the patient's immune cells that have been previously "genetically programmed" to recognize the cancer cells and destroy them.

CAR-T cells show therapeutic efficacy in blood cancers, but can also be toxic. In solid tumors, there is still no conclusive result. Honing Biosciences’ technology allows considering the development of effective approaches, safe and affordable

says Sebastian Amigorena, scientific advisor of Honing Biosciences and Director of the Cancer Immunotherapy Center of Institut Curie.

Innovation and entrepreneurship, an integral part of Institut Curie's strategy

Honing Biosciences is the first company in which the Institut Curie has invested since the implementation of its new technology transfer policy in 2017 and the creation of a dedicated division to support the creation of start-ups resulting from the work of its teams

Promoted by two iconic researchers from the Institut Curie, Honing Biosciences is developing an exclusive technology that shall attract partners in the cell therapy sector, a highly dynamic market that has been growing continuously for several years. This is an emblematic example of fundamental research that will ultimately benefit to patients treated at the Institute through the development of a start-up and reveals the institute entrepreneurial dynamics

says Amaury Martin, head of Institut Curie Technology Transfer and Industrial Partnerships Department and Director of the Carnot Institute Curie Cancer. 

“Cell therapy is one of the major advances of recent years in research and especially in the fight against cancer. This is a rapidly changing market and we are seeing great interest in our proprietary technology from industry and investors. We will quickly identify the future partners of Honing Biosciences” 

concludes Abdelkader Bousabaa, co-founder and CEO of Honing Biosciences.