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INSTITUT CURIE: Becoming an actor of reference in technology transfer and public-private research partnerships in Oncology

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First interim report on the new strategy for Technology transfer and industrial partnerships of the MC21 Project
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In 2016, Institut Curie instilled a new dynamic and launched an ambitious strategy for the valorization of research and the development of partnerships with innovative oncology companies. Three years later, by promoting innovation and interdisciplinarity, by strengthening the interactions between research and care, Institut Curie draws up a very positive results obtained.

During these three years, priority was given to redesigning the strategy of detection and maturation of innovations and the launch of start-ups derived from its technologies. Through its Carnot Institute "Curie Cancer", industrial partnerships have been signed with companies of international caliber on major topics such as immunotherapy, oncopediatrics or artificial intelligence.


This dynamic will be amplified in the coming years, helping Institut Curie to become one of the major Comprehensive Cancer Centers of the 21st century in Europe and in the world.

The priorities set should enhance the value of innovation in new strategic fields (epigenetics, medical devices, chemistry, patient care), to develop the industrial clinical research, to continue the effort around the creation of startup while being firmly in a regional dynamic in Ile-de-France.

The ambition is to make Institut Curie a reference technology transfer in oncology that integrates fully the fundamental research continuum, translational and clinical. Success will be at the rendez-vous if we manage to value all Institute Curie resources scientific, technological and medical research in an open innovation approach that is winning with partner companies.

Amaury Martin, Director of the Technology transfer and Industrial partnership Office & Director of Carnot institute "Curie Cancer"

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