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Institut Curie: an original integrated model for start-up incubation

Since 2016, Institut Curie has developed an ambitious strategy in favor of transferring its technologies, through the creation of companies. An ambition materialized by the implementation of a unique start-up incubation program, now presented for the first time. With 27 start-ups already created and 265 M€ in funds raised, Institut Curie is counting on its dynamism and ambition to accelerate innovations in oncology.
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Since 2016, Institut Curie has developed an ambitious strategy to promote research and develop partnerships with innovative healthcare companies. This strategic axis has combined an overhaul of the strategy for the detection and maturation of inventions with the launch of a policy for the creation of start-ups based on its technologies. This last initiative is materialized by the implementation of a unique and integrated start-up incubation program, presented for the first time this March 30th.


27 start-ups created since 2002 and a growing dynamics

The incubation program aims to promote the transfer of technologies developed at Institut Curie through the creation of companies. It allows innovative projects to mature through the provision of services, oriented towards the first stages of the structuring of the future company: from detection to the creation of the company and its follow-up. Researchers have access to personalized support, enabling them to launch their projects under the best possible conditions and to avoid some of the main reasons for start-up failure.

Thanks to its original incubation program, Institut Curie has already created 27 start-ups since 2002, including 11 in the last five years, a success hailed by Amaury Martin, PhD, head of Institut Curie's Technology Transfer Office & Carnot Curie Cancer:

Four years after the launch of the new development and industrial partnership strategy, the results are very satisfying, with growing indicators that reflect a fundamental dynamic. Already recognized for the excellence of its cancer research and care, Institut Curie is now identified as a leading European center capable of transforming innovation into entrepreneurial success.


An original integrated system to transform research results into innovative patient care

In concrete terms, Institut Curie offers services focused on the first stages of development of innovative business creation projects: entrepreneurship training, business strategy, team structuring, accommodation, communication and administrative support.


  • A 360° approach that integrates, under a single mandate from Inserm, CNRS and Universities, management of Intellectual Property, internal support for maturation, a dynamic partnership research program supported by by Carnot Curie Cancer and the incubation of start-ups.
  • An internalized program that favors a close and trusting relationship between the teams: daily interaction between physicians and researchers to identify the most promising avenues of research and access to data.
  • A systematic investment in the capital of companies.
  • A large network of partners (investment funds, business angels, experts, potential angels, experts, potential CEOs, benefiting from the dynamics of PSL University).
  • A quality approach: a project is not created if it is not sufficiently mature and financed.

An ambition to promote French innovation

In the coming years, Institut Curie will strengthen its support for entrepreneurship in several ways: financial investment in the capital of start-ups, setting up dedicated spaces to host companies in their acceleration phases, ideation of projects and accelerating the growth of start-ups.

From the outset, Marie Curie wanted doctors and researchers to be able to meet and exchange ideas. This integration between care and research is the hallmark of Institut Curie. From now on, we will have to include the creation of companies in the Curie model as a concrete tool for translating excellent basic research into innovative care,

concludes Pr Alain Puisieux, head of Institut Curie's Research Center.


95% survival rate at 5 years
+ 265 million € raised
224 direct jobs created
+ 50 products or services on the market