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The Rendez-vous Carnot confirms their essential role for business innovation

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10 years of bringing together research laboratories and innovative companies
The "Rendez-Vous Carnot", confirms their essential role for business innovation. Bringing 2,800 participants for two days with 11,000 business meetings, the convention - which was celebrating its 10th anniversary this year - is helping to bring together research laboratories and innovative companies.
Rendez vous Carnot 2017
Rendez vous Carnot 2017

Organized on October 18th and 19th by the Association of Carnot Institutes, the Rendez-vous Carnot 2017 are supported by the National Institute of Intellectual Property (INPI), the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, the Ile-de-France region France and the European Union.

A business convention acclaimed

At Rendez-Vous Carnot, companies of all sizes (from start-ups to large companies) and all industrial and technological fields concretize and accelerate their innovation projects, meeting the major R & D players: the 38 Carnot but also technical centers, research structures under contract and transfer structures such as SATT.

Among the participants, Siegfried Loeffler from Technicolor says: « The pre-show appointment system, combined with the fact that the participants are all very good at science, makes the two days incredibly effective. »

Highlights for the 10th edition

As a continuation of the structuring of its offer by major business sectors, notably to facilitate SMEs' access to technological skills and platforms, the Carnot Institutes network organized this year 3 focus on the areas of Additive Manufacturing, Automotive & Mobility, and Health, in partnership with Medicen Paris Region. These three dedicated spaces have allowed companies to discover the latest Carnot innovations illustrating achievements, to better understand the platforms, to follow specialized pitches and conferences.

Institut Carnot Curie Cancer had a booth in the Health Village and proposed three remarkable presentations:

  • Cancer Immunotherapy Center: your key partner for cutting-edge immuno-oncology innovation
  • Big Data, Artificial Intelligence: new challenges for oncology innovation
  • CurieCoreTech: a complete offer of platforms for companies, from the therapeutic target to its clinical validation

The results of this new edition of RDV Carnot, in a renovated format, is very positive for Institut Curie. We have been able to establish contacts with companies with which we have never worked and which allow us to foresee ambitious collaborations.

indicates Amaury Martin, executive director of the Technology transfer and Industrial partnerships Office and Carnot institute Curie Cancer.

A strengthening of the ecosystem "large group & SME-start-up"

This year again, an "open innovation" space allowed companies to meet

representatives of 11 major groups. In parallel, 29 start-ups and innovative SMEs, selected bythe AiCarnot and Bpifrance Euroquity among 92 candidates, were able to pitch their innovation and meet partners and future clients during the two days of the event.

7th edition of the FIEEC / F2I Applied Research Award

The 7th edition of the FIEEC / F2I Prize for Applied Research has been awarded to researchers who have contributed through an R & D partnership with companies, to generate growth and jobs in the area.

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