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Rendez-vous Carnot, a unique place for fertilization Research-Companies for the benefit of our economy

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With 2,700 participants and 10,000 business meetings organized, the Rendez-vous Carnot, which took place in Lyon on October 17 and 18, are a must in the French landscape as a unique meeting place for public research laboratories and innovative companies, from SMEs to large groups.
RDV Carnot 2018

At the inaugural session, Pierre Bérat, Regional Councilor and President of the Higher Education and Innovation Commission of the Auvergne Rhône Alpes Region recalled the region's commitment to the event:

"The Rendez-Vous Carnot is a major event for our region because they perfectly illustrate the density of companies, industries and research centers present on the territory. Remarkable for the quality of its meetings and networking between project leaders and research laboratories, it is also a unique gathering in France that offers in one place 85% of research available to grow our SMEs in France."

Philippe Varin, President of France Industrie, also stressed:

"Carnot has an absolutely major and decisive role to play in the innovation and digitization of SMEs to enable them to grow and export".

With a + 4% growth in 2017 in direct R & D contracts with companies for a total amount of 437 million euros, the Carnot network once again proved the effectiveness of its actions, particularly in favor of SMEs with a + 5.2% increase in volume of contracts in all industrial and technological sectors. This unique and essential role was particularly illustrated at Rendez-vous Carnot through spaces and thematic pitches presenting an integrated R & D Carnot offer for companies:

  • in Virtual design to anticipate future industry developments through digital technology;
  • in Health with the presence of all Carnot and Pharma / Medtech competitiveness clusters to present good practices and flagship partnerships between laboratories and SMEs;
  • in the Sport sector, where technological advances made possible by research make it possible to improve the performance of athletes;
  • in the Mobility sector, with the highest level of research that allows the necessary innovations for the vehicles of tomorrow, especially the autonomous car.
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