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The Roche Institute and the Institut Curie sign a framework agreement for 3 years

The Institut Curie and the Roche Institute are partners in a better understanding of cancers and in the improvement of their treatment, with programs in particular in immuno-oncology, personalized medicine in onco-pediatrics and epigenetics
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The Institut Curie and Roche have been collaborating since 2007, particularly in the treatment of breast cancers.

Since then, other translational research projects have been carried out and have created a strong scientific link between Institut Curie and the Roche Research Centers (gRED and pRED). This framework agreement, which has just been signed for a period of 3 years, is a continuation of more than 10 years of successful scientific collaboration.

Such an agreement facilitates and accelerates the operational implementation of scientific programs conducted in partnership, allowing close interaction between Roche R & D teams and the Institut Curie teams. Collaborations will include the implementation of research projects in partnership or training, stresses Amaury Martin, Director of Technology Transfer and Industrial Partnerships of the Institut Curie and Director of the Institut Carnot Curie Cancer .


The Institut Curie is a major actor in oncology research and Roche is the pioneer of personalized medicine. Our common ambition is to innovate to advance the fight against cancer. Today, the scope of the collaboration focuses on immuno-oncology. Thanks to a better understanding of cancer biology and the mechanisms of antitumor immunity, the research projects initiated in the framework agreement aim at optimizing the development of new treatments in order to allow a greater number of patients to benefit from immunotherapy, says Patrice Denèfle, Director of the Roche Institute.

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