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Servier and Institut Curie extend their partnership

Servier and Institut Curie will prolong their partnership in the fight against cancer by three years, extending its scope to include new research areas such as immuno-oncology, haematology and cardiology.

The joint research programmes, covered by this partnership launched in 2005, have already resulted in the identification of several therapeutic targets, for example TTK/MPS1 kinase, an enzyme involved in the cell cycle. The new programmes, which will also study how various solid tumours resist treatments, will benefit from large data bases and tens of thousands of tumour samples from Institut Curie.

The collaboration between Institut Curie and Servier is the most ambitious project our institute has ever has with an industrial partner. The longevity of this historic partnership bears witness to our mutual trust, which is reinforced by the major progress that has been made in breast cancer research.

said Amaury Martin, Technology Transfer & Industrial Partnerships Office Director at Institut Curie.

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