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15 years of the Nikon Imaging Center @Institut Curie-CNRS: a unique scientific imaging platform in France

Institut Curie, the CNRS and Nikon announce the renewal of their partnership around their state-of-the-art scientific imaging platform: the Nikon Imaging Center @Institut Curie-CNRS. Only scientific imaging center of this scale in France, the platform celebrates, in 2022, its 15th anniversary in the service of fundamental and biomedical research and innovation in the field of optical microscopy.
Image from the Nikon Imaging Center @Institut Curie-CNRS microscopes (@ Manon Budzyk / Institut Curie)

Inaugurated in 2007, the Nikon Imaging Center @Institut Curie-CNRS platform was born of a common ambition shared by Nikon, Institut Curie and the CNRS: to combine their know-how and expertise to create a unique optical imaging platform, responding to the growing challenges of systems biology and adapted to the evolving needs of research. Fifteen years later, the partners have decided to continue this collaboration, which has led to a multitude of innovative research programs and the emergence of optical imaging systems that revolutionize conventional techniques, for the benefit of research.

The only microscopy center of this scale in France[1] ,third in Europe and ninth in the world

The Nikon Imaging Center @Institut Curie-CNRS has three missions:

  • To promote research, by providing researchers with access to the most advanced technologies in cell imaging;
  • To train and advise users on the latest generation of optical microscopy solutions;
  • Stimulate innovation in the field of scientific imaging.

Scientific imaging is at the heart of the research profession. Without the indispensable tools it provides, we would not be able to decipher the mysteries of the infinitely small, which allow us to improve our understanding of living organisms, their mechanisms and functions, to contribute to the study of normal and tumor cells, and ultimately to advance the fight against cancer. We are delighted and proud of the continuation of this collaboration with Nikon, a world leader in the development of optical solutions, associated with the scientific excellence of the CNRS, which, through this platform, offers researchers the best technologies to dive into the heart of life.

says Professor Alain Puisieux, Director of Institut Curie Research Center

[1] There are two Nikon Centers of Excellence in France: one at the University of Aix-Marseille and the other at ONIRIS and the Health Research Institute of the University of Nantes. Unlike these centers, the Nikon Imaging Centers are actively involved in research for innovation in imaging and in training the scientific community. There are 31 of them in the world.

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