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Collaboration agreement between Institut Curie and Epidemium: promoting data analysis in oncology

Institut Curie
Institut Curie and Epidemium established an agreement to promote their respective activities in the field of data analysis in oncology.
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Roche and La Paillasse association created and carried the Epidemium project - collaborative project of open research to understand cancers by the big data, born in 2015. The first edition ended at the end of 2016 and gave rise to the publication of a white paper. Season 2 will be launched on June 6, 2017.
For this second edition, Epidemium and Institut Curie are joining forces to collaborate on the organization of events related to data analysis in the field of cancer, to facilitate mutual exchanges of visibility and to give members of Institut Curie the opportunity to participate in the challenges of Epidemium.
Drs. Alain Livartowski, Director of Data of Institut Curie, and Emmanuel Barillot, Director of the Inserm U900 Bioinformatics Unit, are members of the Scientific Committee of Epidemium. This collaboration is part of the Curie Institute's "DATA" projects to promote the analysis of clinical data. This collaboration is also supported by the Curie In'C2 initiative, which aims to promote innovative initiatives and methodologies within Institut Curie.

To make the members of Institut Curie aware of the possibility of taking part in the challenges of Epidemium.

Institut Curie and Epidemium will co-host three joint events by May 2018:

  • a launch event on May 29, 2017,
  • a round table / conference on the use of big data in oncology,
  • and finally a challenge in hackathon format.

Epidemium is a collaborative, open-to-all scientific research program dedicated to understanding cancer through open data and big data technologies. Epidemium was born in April 2015 by the unprecedented meeting between the pharmaceutical company Roche, leader in biotechnology, and the community laboratory La Paillasse, a network of interdisciplinary laboratories offering the technical, legal and ethical framework necessary for the implementation of collaborative and open-source projects. Epidemium's goal is to build on the abundance of data and the strength of collective intelligence to open new avenues to explore in cancer research. The strength of Epidemium lies in the community it has created, animates and continues to grow: a community of competent individuals, experts, partners and institutions, united by the desire to act against cancer and aware of the skills they have to offer for this.