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Institut Curie and Inventiva launch the Epicure project

Institut Curie and the drug discovery company Inventiva have obtained funding from the National Agency for Research, for the Epicure project, aiming ultimately to propose new drugs that will activate the immune responses against cancer.
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Objective of the Epicure project: to validate the therapeutic potential of two epigenetic targets involved in immunomodulation. These targets would be involved in several types of cancer (breast, ovary, melanoma ...) but also in certain respiratory diseases. The National Agency for Research is thus committed to financing this project over four years, worth several million euros.

Three teams from Institut Curie are involved in this project: Geneviève Almouzni, director of the research center, the immunology unit of Sebastian Amigorena, unit director, and the translational research department by Sergio Roman-Roman. They will work with the Inventiva epigenetics team.

"This funding from the ANR adds additional resources to the partnership we have established with the Institut Curie and strengthens our portfolio of epigenetic programs to validate new epigenetic mechanisms and develop innovative drugs for treatment cancer," explains Pierre Broca, co-founder and scientific director of Inventiva.

Damien Salauze, Curie-Cancer director, is pleased with the "prospect of rapidly bringing an additional therapeutic solution to our patients".