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Institut Curie and Mirada Medical sign a collaboration agreement for the clinical use of DLCExpert™, Mirada’s artificial intelligence (AI)-based autocontouring software for radiation therapy

Institut Curie
Mirada Medical, a leading global brand in medical imaging software, has signed a collaboration agreement with Institut Curie for the clinical use of DLCExpert™, Mirada’s AI-based autocontouring software for radiation therapy.

Institut Curie, one of the largest oncology research centers in Europe, has been using Mirada’s atlas-based autocontouring solutions for several years. Leading clinicians, who also co-author ESTRO (European Society for Radiotherapy and Oncology) contouring guidelines,  recognizethe potential clinical gains in using an AI-based solution for their contouring in radiotherapy. The agreement covers Institute Curie’s adoption of Mirada’s DLCExpert platform for radiation therapy,including training the deep learning model on its  carefully curated patient data. This same model may subsequently be used in other hospitals and clinics.

“We are excited to be amongst the first institutions to use Mirada’s groundbreaking technology. It will allow us to continue our pursuit of better treatments for our patients and to share our expertise with other centers around the world,”

says Pr. Philip M.P. Poortmans, Head of Department of Radiation Oncology at Institut Curie.

DLCExpert is Mirada’s first AI-based clinical application. It automates most of the time-consuming clinical task of contouring organs-at-risk during radiation treatment planning. While other autocontouring solutions exist, they often require substantial contour editing. Automation using DLCExpert brings greatly improved contour accuracy and consistency which in turn considerably reduces the clinician’s time spent editing.

Dr Mark Gooding, Chief Scientist at Mirada Medical said,

The enthusiasm of the radiation oncologists at Institut Curie to share their contouring expertise using this technology is truly inspirational. For Mirada, DLCExpert has never been about the power of AI, but about improving patient care. Our partners at Insitut Curie share our vision in this”.

Matthieu Leclerc-Chalvet, Mirada’s Managing Director for Europe adds,

This agreement marks an important development in our relationship with Institut Curie. We’re proud and excited to receive their vote of confidence in this new generation of deep learning-based autocontouring. This represents a key development for Institut Curie’s state-of-the-art patient care, and we are looking forward to continuing our successful  collaboration.

Institut Curie, the cradle of radiation therapy, has already been using Mirada image technology to bring efficiency gains across our three clinical sites through image fusion, adaptive radiation therapy, and molecular imaging. We are truly excited about this new partnership that will boost technology transfer in the AI field for radiation oncology analyses,”

concludes Amaury Martin, Head of Institut Curie Technology Transfer and Industrial Partnerships Office and Director of the Institut Carnot Curie Cancer.