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Institut Curie and Philips announce the establishment of a promising partnership to enhance oncology patients’ care

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Philips and Institut Curie have decided to invest more than 250 000 euros each in a partnership linked to the clinical use of the nuclear medicine PET scan Vereos, the first and only entirely digital PET/CT currently available on the market. Such a system can offer improved spatial resolution, significant gain in sensitivity and a better precision compared to standard analog systems.

Paris, France – October 26th 2018 – Philips is honored to associate to Institut Curie in the framework of a long-lasting partnership whose purpose is to develop clinical research projects aiming at the improvement of cancer diagnostics and patient treatment. This project follows the acquisition by Institut Curie of a nuclear medicine digital system Philips Vereos, the first of its kind in the Paris region.

Nuclear medicine imaging is expected to become the main molecular diagnostic modality enabling precision and personalized medicine. In this context, Philips has decided to invest in the development of a new, innovative and performing PET scan. To fully explore the benefits of this technology, the Dutch company has the pleasure to partner with highly-recognized experts in the field of oncology aiming at improving the services offered to the patients.

«Digital PET will bring a real comfort to the patients, thanks to the twofold reduction in acquisition time. This new technology will also be beneficial for the medical doctors, allowing them to detect smaller lesions and ultimately enabling an early diagnosis of cancer. Digital PET should also permit in the close future to develop new tracers able to open the doors to new applications and eventually to personalized treatment to patients affected by cancer“, says Dr. Laurence Champion, head of the nuclear medicine department at the Institut Curie in Saint-Cloud and principal investigator for the collaboration projects with Philips.

The scientific projects will explore the utilization of the state-of-the-art PET technology in the context of diagnostic performance, dose reduction, lesions detectability and in use of PET data and tracers for the purpose of improved cancer therapy management.

"Institut Curie is delighted with this partnership that illustrates the attractiveness of medical and research teams for leading international partners such as Philips "adds Amaury Martin, Head of Institut Curie Technology Transfer and Industrial Partnerships Office

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