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Institut Curie and Sanofi join forces in research on ovarian cancer

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Sanofi and institut Curie announced in June the setting up of a three-year research collaboration aimed at identifying new therapeutic targets for the development of ovarian cancer treatments.
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The goal of the collaboration between Sanofi and Institut Curie is to revisit the fundamentals of the biology of this type of cancer using a translational research approach. The Institut Curie has a large collection of cryopreserved tumor samples, very well characterized in clinical, histological and biological terms, and whose analysis can identify relevant biological targets to effectively treat certain types of these cancers. This collaboration will enable Sanofi and the Curie Institute to better understand the molecular alterations characterizing the many types of ovarian cancers in order to design new effective drugs.

«This type of long-term collaboration should ultimately open up prospects for new therapeutic solutions for women with this disease. It will combine accumulated knowledge about ovarian cancers for many years by oncologists and biologists at Institut Curie and the expertise of Sanofi researchers in product research and development,» said Dr. Debasish Roychowdhury, Senior Vice President of Sanofi Oncology. «This research agreement, developed as part of the partnership with Aviesan*, is a fine example of translational research using French scientific excellence.»

«Ovarian cancer is a difficult pathology, for which few drugs are available. In order to offer additional therapeutic solutions to our patients, we are delighted to collaborate with Sanofi, whose expertise in the selection of therapeutic targets is complementary to the know-how and technological platforms developed at the Institut Curie,» explains Damien Salauze , director of Curie-Cancer.

* Alliance nationale pour les sciences de la vie et de la santé

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