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Institut Curie, CNRS, AP-HP and ElsaLys Biotech sign an exclusive licence agreement to develop an anti-TYRO3 therapeutic antibody

Institut Curie
ELSALYS BIOTECH, a new player in French immuno-oncology, continues its collaboration with Institut Curie to develop a first-in-class anti-TYRO3 therapeutic antibody in various cancers

The first studies conducted in 2013 by ELSALYS BIOTECH with Institut Curie in the laboratory of Dr. François Radvanyi, UMR144 (Compartmentation and cell dynamics, Institut Curie / CNRS / Sorbonne University) had validated the therapeutic target: TYRO3, a Tyrosine Kinase protein of the TAM family (TYRO3 / AXL / MER) overexpressed on the surface of cancer cells and involved in the genesis, migration and survival of tumor cells. Cellular models have been developed to select anti-TYRO 3 antibody fragments and to understand the mechanism of action of these antibodies. ELSALYS BIOTECH has generated a panel of antibodies with the objective of selecting one that can block tumor growth.

Institut Curie and ElsaLys Biotech are today entering a new phase in their collaboration with the signing of an exclusive licensing agreement that will support the preclinical and clinical development of the candidate antibody.

Specifically, this new collaboration will demonstrate in vitro that the blocking of TYRO3 activity by human anti-TYRO3 antibodies generated by ELSALYS BIOTECH results in functional inhibition of survival in tumor cell models (including bladder leiomyosarcomas). It will also demonstrate in vivo the anti-tumor properties of the anti-TYRO3 candidate antibody in xenograft models of tumor lines.

This signature is an important milestone in the collaboration initiated between ELSALYS BIOTECH and Institut Curie. This is the culmination of a relationship of trust started in 2013 via the Carnot Institute Curie Cancer, with the prospect of a therapeutic innovation in immunotherapy for bladder carcinoma

rejoices Amaury Martin, Director since 2016 of the Technology Transfer and Industrial Partnerships Office of Institut Curie and Director of the Carnot Institute Curie Cancer.

This agreement is part of a dynamic at Institut Curie driven by the arrival of Pr. Yves Allory, co-inventor of one of the patents today licensed to ELSALYS BIOTECH when he was at the AP-HP. The Institut Curie wishes to give a new boost to the management of urological cancers and strengthen research on bladder and prostate cancers.

Dr. Christine Guillen, CEO and Co-Founder of ElsaLys Biotech, also welcomes this collaboration:

We are delighted to partner with a world-class institution and recognized expertise such as Institut Curie, in order to develop a leading therapeutic innovation, very promising in terms of patient benefit.

She adds:

Our preclinical pipeline in immuno-oncology, which includes three candidates for first- or best-in-class action mechanisms, is reinforced by the lifting of a licensing option taken very early with Institut Curie and its partners. We are developing the ELB031 (TAM Receptor Family) program that includes the MERTK target with the goal of combining a dual mechanism of action: inhibiting the growth of cancer cells and restoring the anti-tumor immune response.


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