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Launch of the Cinesteam® dressing: a secondary cinnamon odor dressing

Cinesteam® is an innovative medical device for the management of malodorous wounds. It is a spice-containing anti-odour dressing : it contains cinnamon which has the property of adsorbing bad odours and releasing pleasant smells.

Cinesteam® is the fruit of research carried out by Isabelle Fromantin, nurse and researcher, in charge of the Wound healing Unit at Institut Curie,in partnership with ESPCI Paris, Chimie-ParisTech and CEMAG CARE, having resulted in the filing of a patent and the development of this dressing.



Cinesteam® provides effective management of malodorous wounds by the absorption of exudates, the absorption of bad smells and the emission of a pleasant smell of cinnamon in order to improve the daily life of patients, their entourage and the nursing staff. This dressing is a class I medical device is a regulated health product which carries, under these regulations, the CE marking.




Isabelle Fromantin, explains the story of the Cinesteam® dressing, the absorbent odor absorbing secondary dressing manufactured by Cemag Care:

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