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Metastatic breast cancer: Institut Curie structures a specific patient circuit, with the institutional support of Pfizer

Institut Curie is announcing the implementation of a new announcement and coordination circuit specifically dedicated to patients with metastatic breast cancer: the PACOSME program. This large-scale project, which will start in June 2021 and last for three years, will be conducted with the institutional support of Pfizer. The aim is to provide personalized and comprehensive support to offer patients optimal care throughout their illness.
Institut Curie & Pfizer

In France, breast cancer affects approximately 59,000 women each year. With approximately 10,000 new cases per year, metastatic (or advanced) breast cancer is a fairly common disease - whether it is metastatic from the outset or a longer-term relapse1. As Europe's leading breast cancer treatment center, Institut Curie is continuously synergizing its clinical expertise in the treatment of metastatic breast cancer, with nearly 20 therapeutic trials underway, as well as an integrated support care program to accompany patients (pain, nutrition, physical activity, job maintenance, psychological support, etc.).

As highlighted by a recent survey on the mental burden of patients with metastatic breast cancer2, for 65% of the women surveyed, the announcement is the most painful stage of the treatment process. They also expressed a need for support, particularly through coaching or individual therapeutic education workshops (38%), access to supportive care in the city (33%), and support through group workshops to share their experience with other patients (27%).

To take care of patients even further and respond to their needs, Institut Curie, supported by the Carnot system, has announced the development of a dedicated personalized announcement and coordination circuit, with the institutional support of Pfizer: PACOSME. This program provides for the training and coordination of the various healthcare professionals involved in order to optimize the quality of overall care for patients with metastatic breast cancer.


The three stages of the PACOSME project
From June 2021 until the end of the year, the project will address the identification and analysis of patients' needs with the support of the association “Patients en réseau”, the identification of the expectations of the health professionals involved and the support to the training of the nursing staff.
The year 2022 will be dedicated to the structuring and implementation of the PACOSME circuit.
Finally, an analysis of the impact of the announcement and coordination circuit on patients will be conducted in 2023.


Metastatic breast cancer is a serious and chronic disease. More than ever, it is necessary to support patients in therapeutic, psychological and social aspects. This was perfectly underlined during the last ASCO congress by exceptional communications4 made by patients. This is the ambition of the PACOSME project, which aims to evaluate the patient's needs from the initial phases of treatment in order to ensure personalized follow-up and to facilitate the patient's care and referral to the appropriate structures.

explains Dr. Paul Cottu, deputy head of Institut Curie's Medical Oncology Department, who heads the project with Dr. Pauline Vaflard, medical oncologist at Institut Curie.

This major partnership with Institut Curie is part of our commitment to making life-changing advances for patients. It is essential for us to associate innovation in the care pathway with therapeutic advances. It is through dialogue and collaboration between healthcare professionals, associations and the pharmaceutical industry, and by supporting major initiatives such as the one led by Institut Curie, that we can collectively meet the specific needs of women with metastatic breast cancer. We are delighted to be able to support this initiative.

concludes Sandrine Benaroche, head of the Oncology Department, and Virginie Bros, head of Scientific Relations and Partnerships in Oncology at Pfizer France.



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2. Survey conducted by the Collective 1310 with institutional support from Pfizer on the mental burden of patients with metastatic breast cancer and its impact on daily life, conducted online between August 24 and September 8, 2020 among 261 women with metastatic breast cancer.

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