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New agreement signed with IBA: Proton Therapy at Institut Curie expands research capabilities with a new experimental line

Institut Curie
Ion Beam Applications S.A. (IBA), the world’s leading provider of proton therapy solutions for the treatment of cancer, and the Institute Curie announce today the signature of an agreement for the manufacturing, delivery, installation and maintenance of a new research beam line. This line will be connected to the existing beam transport line. This agreement also includes future research projects to be performed jointly by the 2 organizations over the coming 10 years.
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The line includes a Nozzle capable of delivering Pencil Beam Scanning, the most advanced delivery mode of proton therapy. The installation will be done without impacting the current clinical activities in the treatment rooms and is scheduled to be operational in 2018.

Olivier Legrain, CEO of IBA commented:

IBA is delighted to deliver this additional beam line to the proton therapy center at Orsay. There is a long standing partnership between the prestigious Institut Curie and IBA. This agreement opens new avenues for joint research that will improve the quality of the proton treatment in Paris and all over the world. This agreement illustrates IBA capability to upgrade existing PT Centers equipped with IBA technology, keeping them at the forefront of research and advanced treatments in the fight against cancer.

Dr Alain Fourquet, Head of the Radiotherapy Department at Institut Curie said:

This new research line and possibilities it open for our researchers is important for Institut Curie. It reflects our commitment to leading proton therapy research and treatment. We are happy to be working with IBA, because of their ongoing commitment to innovation and support of users.

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