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Partnership between Institut Curie and Harmonic Pharma

Institut Curie and Harmonic Pharma have signed a partnership agreement for several years.
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As part of this partnership, Institut Curie will enable Harmonic Pharma to use the large collection of primary xenotransplants representative of human tumors of the Institut Curie explore the anti-cancer activity of several molecules in his portfolio.

Harmonic Pharma is a young innovative company whose main activity is to identify, through a molecular repositioning approach, new therapeutic uses for already known molecules.

"It is very important for us to rely on a major internationally recognized center such as the Institut Curie to access experimental models, know-how and basic knowledge on cancer development," said Michel Souchet, CEO of Harmonic Pharma.

"We quickly moved to three types of models for which we have a wide variety of tumors and a fairly long experience: breast cancers, lung cancers, and eye cancers," says Didier Decaudin, who heads the preclinical research laboratory of  Institut Curie.

For this long-term collaboration, the costs will be shared between the two partners. Depending on the results obtained, some of the molecules studied can be taken over by Curie-Cancer for clinical studies for the benefit of patients.