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Sigmascreening Sensitive Sigma™ compression paddle optimizes breast compression during mammography

With the Sensitive Sigma™ paddle, developped by Sigmascreening, the patient becomes central to the quality of her own mammogram

It was at Institut Curie in 2017 that the Sensitive Sigma™ compression paddle was installed and used for the first time in France. This technological innovation, developed by the company Sigmascreening, optimizes breast compression during mammography. Mrs Claire Lamy, principal technician, and Dr Pascal Cherel, radiologist, give us their impressions.

Dr Cherel explains:

There has been an improvement in the quality of images with a decrease in blur, a reduction in breast thick-ness and an increase in compression force.

Claire Lamy adds:

The use of the new paddle has changed our approach to compression [...] being able to rely on an objective visual indicator and able to share the the com-pression goal with the patient.

This is achieved using pressure sensors which take into account the size of the breast being examined.

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