Technology Transfer Office

Medical Technologies - Research Center

At the crossroads of medicine and technology, the multidisciplinary expertise of Institut Curie members offers an exclusive set of competencies, in order to apply medical technologies to the development of new products and services to improve diagnostic, treatments and patient care.

Imaging & Microscopy

Institut Curie seeks to uncover the role of physical laws in the architecture and functions of cellular systems. To this end, cross-disciplinary approaches involving physics, chemistry and biology are favoured.

Main areas of interest:

  • Functional nanoparticles
  • Single cell imaging & analysis
  • From single molecules to cellular functions
  • Optical and electron microscopy
  • Optogenetics or mechanical micromanipulation
  • Biomimetic system

Institut Curie also gathers highly sophisticated equipments and up to date technologies in advanced microscopy.

Main areas of interest:

  • Advanced light microscopy
  • Electron microscopy
  • NanoSIMS
  • Correlative light-electron microscopy
  • Super-resolution imaging
  • Fluorescence microscopy
  • Data analysis


Microfluidics & « lab-on-chips »

Institut Curie develops several innovative technologies based on its expertise in complex fluids and soft matter: magnetic and convective self-assembly, flow control, non-conventional microfabrication strategies and surface treatments, high content droplet microfluidics.

Main areas of interest:

  • Capture and molecular typing of tumour cells from patients
  • Portable microfluidic devices for fast and low-cost analysis of pathogens
  • Circulating biomarkers detection
  • 3D cells culture on chip
  • Fundamental studies of DNA-protein interactions