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Mnemo Therapeutics

Mnemo Therapeutics is a game-changing biotechnology company leveraging epigenetics to create targeted immuno-oncology treatments accessible to a broad patient population. Its approach to tackling difficult-to-treat tumours is rooted in its ground-breaking immuno-epigenetic knowledge and expertise combined with the latest developments in T cell engineering.
Mnemo Therapeutics

Co-founded with Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Mnemo Therapeutics is a biotechnology company focused on developing powerful cell therapies that create accessible cures. With its EnfiniT platform, a groundbreaking drug discovery engine, Mnemo applies a novel, integrated approach to cell therapy. Through precise identification of a new class of antigens with greater target specificity and the ability to efficiently reprogram T cells to increase their memory phenotype, as well as refine their engineering, Mnemo will transform the body’s immune response to overcome currently incurable diseases.

Mnemo Therapeutics



Year of creation: 2019

Line of business: Biotechnology

Institut Curie: Incubator, institutional co-founder and R&D partner



Mnemo is using its EnfiniT platform, an integrated drug discovery engine that combines:

  • A proprietary combination of epigenetics tools assembled into powerful T cell engineering technologies
  • A revolutionary target ID engine that sources newly-identified junctions between exons and transposable elements (JETs)
  • Best-in-class manufacturing



Mnemo is built by a transatlantic team of scientists and biotech leaders united in a quest to create the most powerful immune therapies to deliver accessible cures for all patients in need.



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