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The In’C2 initiative

Institut Curie
Launched in 2017 at Institut Curie, the Curie In’C2 initiative is an awareness-raising initiative about Technology Transfer. It aims at promoting Innovation, Creativity and Curiosity by encouraging Institut Curie members to transfer the enormous potential of their work and ideas into accessible and commercialized technologies and products.

The Curie In’C2 initiative rounds up a community of people interested in Technology Transfer & Entrepreneurship and offers them a set of original events organized to help them:

  • Network in the innovation world
  • Refine their skills in technology transfer
  • Experience the translation of their own ideas into innovations, from wherever they are in term of technology readiness level

The Curie In’C2 initiative is hosted and supported by the Curie Technology Transfer Office and collaborate with the Institut Curie's Training Unit as well as the Association des Doctorants et Jeunes Docteurs de l’Institut Curie (ADIC)

The In’C2 adventure just started in 2017 with the first recruitment of Curie innovators. Our aim is clearly to grow throughout the years to become a key player and accelerator of innovation at Institut Curie. To build the best environment for our community, partnership and support is critical.

Please, visit our LinkedIn page  to learn how you, your company or your foundation could support our efforts.

Network in the innovation world

The In’C2 community is meant to connect Institut Curie members who are interested in technology transfer and biotech entrepreneurship and to foster communication and collaboration within the various research units and hospital departments. It offers the opportunity to network with experienced biotech and medtech mentors, fellow entrepreneurs and sponsors.

Refine their skills in technology transfer

A set of innovative practical workshops and seminars offered to Institut Curie members to develop their skills to fill the existing gap between the scientific knowledge and technology transfer. It will enable them to understand, join, or even start an early-stage biotech venture. Specific events include:

  • Workshops addressing general questions about technology transfer
  • Thematic breakfasts or lunches getting inside into market assessment process: Intellectual property, licensing, early-stage partnerships, market analysis…
  • Testimony evenings with entrepreneurs, industrials and investors to get the best of start-up success stories, R&D strategies and specific investments.

Experience the translation of their own ideas into innovations

The Science-to-business (S2B) program is a personalized program raising awareness about the technology transfer process and allowing innovators from Institut Curie to experience it with their own innovative idea.