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Onxeo is a clinical-stage biotechnology company designing and developing novel oncology drugs targeting tumor DNA repair functions.

Onxeo is a clinical-stage biotechnology company designing and developing novel oncology drugs targeting tumor DNA repair functions. Its therapeutic strategy focuses on fighting tumor resistance to treatments, which poses ever-greater therapeutic challenges, especially in aggressive or rare cancers. Onxeo's approach is based upon unique mechanisms of action on DNA Damage Response. Onxeo acquired DNA Therapeutics, co-founded by Marie Dutreix, Head of DNA Repair, Radiations and Innovative Cancer Therapies Team at Institut Curie, in 2016.




Year of creation: 2006

Line of business: Biotechnology

Institut Curie: Behind the technology, institutional co-founder and R&D partner



Onxeo's technology relies on its proprietary chemistry platform platON™ that broaden the company’s product pipeline. The platform is based on a library of decoy oligonucleotides which generates disruptive compounds acting on intracellular DNA-binding targets. platON™ has already generated two very innovative molecules :

AsiDNA™ is a first-in-class DDR inhibitor, currently in clinical trials, with potential in multiple therapeutic applications, alone and in combination with DNA-damaging treatments as well as targeted therapies. Unlike inhibitors of a single DDR pathway or protein such as PARP inhibitors, AsiDNA™ acts as an agonist, upstream of multiple pathways, to divert DNA repair proteins from their true targets without inducing resistance.

OX401 is the newest addition in the pipeline, currently undergoing preclinical proof of concept studies, alone and in combination with checkpoint inhibitors. At the crossroads of DNA damage response and immunotherapy, OX401 is designed to be a next-generation PARP inhibitor that does not induce resistance but triggers a strong immune response through the activation of the STING pathway.



The company focus on bringing first-in-class and disruptive compounds from preclinical research to proof-of-concept in man in cancer indications with high unmet needs.



Onxeo seek to transform breakthrough scientific opportunities into treatments through translational and clinical expertise, developing products up to the stage where they become compelling opportunities for partners.



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Marie Dutreix
Marie Dutreix

Co-founder of DNA Therapeutics & Member of Onxeo's Scientific Advisory Board, Team Leader at Institut Curie

Judith Greciet
Judith Greciet

CEO of Onxeo

Invus Public Equities LP


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